Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Logic Puzzles

I've joined the Sudoku craze! And so have my children. Even my 5-year-old has been attempting the puzzles.

Training our children to think logically is important to their math studies. It's a great idea to make logic puzzles a part of your math studies. Why not take a day off from textbook studies one day a week for puzzle book studies?

I picked up The Original Sudoku at a gas station on a long road trip. The children and I ended up working puzzles throughout our entire 8-hour drive.

If you're not familiar with Sudoku, you can get a glimpse at www.sudoku.com. You can also download a computer version of the puzzles for a free 28-day trial.

If Sudoku isn't your cup of tea, check out Mensa or Critical Thinking puzzle books. For littles, you could get simple books of mazes, often found in the grocery store checkout lane. Gee, you don't even have to purchase anything if you get the daily newspaper. Many offer puzzles on their comics page, such as cryptograms and Scramble.

Use your imagination, and make sure to get in on the fun too!

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