Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wild Monthly

This is a fairly new email newsletter from MacBeth Derham that I just love. It's only one email a month, but packed full of ideas. Here is MacBeth's description at Wild Monthly:

This monthly newsletter is for families interested in mini science units. The newsletter will include links, so use HTML if you join.

The newsletter is not in-depth, but should provide a launching point for exploring the topic of the month, with web site links and book suggestions included. As I take photos of outdoor activities with my own family, they will be posted in the photos section. Be sure to check it from time to time.

This is a "read only" forum. While comments and suggestions are very welcome, all replies to the newsletter are forwarded directly to me, and are not posted.

I hope you enjoy reading Wild Monthly as much as I enjoy writing it!

I saw MacBeth speak at the Austin Conference last year and loved the "show and tell" part which was a slide show of her outdoor activities with her children. It certainly inspired me in teaching natural science to my children.

Check out Wild Monthly at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wildmonthly.

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