Monday, April 03, 2006

I pray this is a joke:
Scientists cheer holocaust wish: Texas academy honors professor who wants90% of human race exterminated by Ebola

Hat tip: Mark Shea


Dr. Thursday said...

Well, well, well...

This sounds like we have a pre-Ghost "Scrooge" on our hands:

"If they would rather die,' said Scrooge, `they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."
[C. Dickens, A Christmas Carol, "Stave 1: Marley's Ghost"]

Alas for this - our always kind Uncle Gilbert Chesterton was at his most severe on this very topic, which I shall also quote:

Pure and exalted atheists talk themselves into believing that the working-classes are turning with indignant scorn from the churches. The working-classes are not indignant against the churches in the least. The things the working-classes really are indignant against are the hospitals. The people has no definite disbelief in the temples of theology. The people has a very fiery and practical disbelief in the temples of physical science. The things the poor hate are the modern things, the rationalistic things - doctors, inspectors, poor law guardians, professional philanthropy. They never showed any reluctance to be helped by the old and corrupt monasteries. They will often die rather than be helped by the modern and efficient workhouse. Of all this anger, good or bad, Dickens is the voice of an accusing energy. When, in "The Christmas Carol," Scrooge refers to the surplus population, the Spirit tells him, very justly, not to speak till he knows what the surplus is and where it is. The implication is severe but sound. When a group of superciliously benevolent economists look down into the abyss for the surplus population, assuredly there is only one answer that should be given to them; and that is to say, "If there is a surplus, you are a surplus." And if any one were ever cut off, they would be. If the barricades went up in our streets and the poor became masters, I think the priests would escape, I fear the gentlemen would; but I believe the gutters would be simply running with the blood of philanthropists.

[GKC, Charles Dickens CW15:139]

electroblogster said...

Unfortunately this doesn't sound like a joke. It was carried in several major news outlets. And never contradicted. Moreover, it is merely the logical extreme of what overpopulation advocates have been saying for (as Dr. Thursday illuminates) more than 100 years.

It seems that Johnathong Swift's A Modest Proposal ( is still, sadly, pertinant. Remove humans from humanity and you end up with a lot of logical but hideous conclusions.