Tuesday, October 24, 2006

from the Catholic Children's Treasure Box

We have loved these 1950's volumes since our oldest kids were beginning to read... they live in our holy bag--a bag of books the younger ones are allowed to enjoy at church. Last Sunday I came across this quote on the inside of the back page of issue No. 19... Some very simple concepts are worth reading again and again.

It is ridiculous to think that there could be any conflict between science and religion, for both are concerned with reporting the truth, which is one. The scientist observes reality from one point of view, the priest from another. But it is the same reality in every case. It is a mistake, however, to regard the Bible as a manual of science. Both Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas teach that when the Bible tells of some natural phenomenon, it sets it down in terms of its outer appearances. Thus the sacred writers speak quite casually of the sun rising and setting. Science today teaches the revolution of the earth around the sun. Nevertheless, even today our almanacs faithfully list the hour of "sunrise" and "sunset," so we should not be hard on the sacred writers who used the same manner of speech thousands of years ago. This manner of speaking does not constitute an error.

Catholic Childrens' Treasure Box, originally published by Maryknoll Sisters durign the 50s, is available from Tan Books in 20 volumes. From their website:
The Treasure Box books present a wonderful combination of fun, innocence and the Catholic Faith. They teach the Faith in a simple way, and they inspire children's hearts to love God. The pictures are truly beautiful, unlike the cartoon illustrations found in many children's books today. These books are full of Catholic doctrine, presented reverently and simply at a young child's level, in a manner to capture the child's interest and raise the heart to God. (This product can also be purchased as part of the following sets: Treasure Box Set Books 1-10, and Treasure Box Set Books 1 - 20)


kat said...

A friend was given #21-37 of Treasure Box and then generously allowed me to copy. What a treasure! I sooo wish TAN would reprint 21-40!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I didn't know they had ever published issues 21-40! Yes, I would love to be able to purchase those too!

Christine said...

We were given books 1-10 by a friend when our second child was born and we soon bought books 11-20. We have replaced several books over the years, as we have worn them out through tons of reading. My children also enjoy the little projects and games that are mentioned in the books. Books 21-40, I have never seen these. I hope that they are republished in the near future.

causa nostra laetitiae said...

So do I! We love 1-20.