Thursday, November 30, 2006

More on Saxon and Geometry

I emailed Cathy Duffy and asked:

I have some questions on this topic: Aren't the geometry lessons in Saxon intertwined with other lessons? Is it easy to pick out the geometry lessons? Is there a resource somewhere that gives the lesson numbers to skip if a parent wants to replace Saxon geometry lessons with the Discovering Geometry?
And she replied:

You’ve identified the big problem with “skipping geometry” in Saxon. Geometry lessons and problems are intertwined throughout the lessons. A parent would have to go through in advance and mark off the geometry problems/lessons to be
skipped. (They’d probably want to also mark their answer keys so students aren’t tempted to try to skip challenging problems and tell mom that it was a geometry problem.

I actually thought it was more trouble than it was worth past
Algebra 1. So we jumped to a different Algebra 2 course rather than try to get back to Saxon. (Algebra 2 is where the heaviest geometry concentration is in Saxon.) Chalkdust and Algebra Classmate are good options for Algebra 2. Classmate is just being renamed—I’m waiting for final confirmation on that, but
it’s in 100 Top Picks.

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