Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Periodic Table Song

Choose broadband or dial-up at the bottom of the screen to view this. My kids loved it!

hat-tip to my husband


Dr. Thursday has sent me his transcription of the Elements song - in symbols!

The Element Song
by Tom Lehrer

There's Sb, As, Al, Se,
And H & O & N & Re,
And Ni, Nd, Np, Ge,
And Fe, Am, Ru, U,
Eu, Zr, Lu, V,
And La & Os & At & Ra
And Au, Pa, In, Ga,
And I & Th & Tm & T.

There's Y, Yb, Ac, Rb,
And B, Gd, Nb, Ir,
And Sr & Si & Ag & Sm,
And Bi, Br, Li, Be, & Ba.

There's Ho & He & Hf & Er,
And P & Fr & F & Tb,
And Mn & Hg, Mo, Mg,
Dy & Sc & Ce & Cs,
And Pb, Pr, Pt, Pu,
Pd, Pm, K, Po,
And Ta, Tc, Ti, Te,
And Cd & Ca & Cr & Cm.

There's S, Cf and Fm, Bk,
And also Mv, Es, No,
Ar, Kr, Ne, Rn, Xe, Zn, & Rh,
And Cl, C, Co, Cu, W, Sn, & Na.

These are the only ones of which the news has come to Hah-vard,
And there many may others but they haven't been discovered.

(Dum, diddily dum-dum, boom boom!)

Note: this list only goes up to 102 (No); some others have indeed been
discovered since then. They are listed at the end of the animation linked above.


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My kids loved it, too. Even asked for a repeat!

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How fun!

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funny as

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