Friday, April 20, 2007

Scrambler Team Makes Break Through

Coach Jerry (the homeschool dad who works with the Scrambler team, makes the following report:

Creative Science Investigators Syndicated

The Creative Science Investigators Scrambler team made a major breakthrough in egg transport technology.

The Scrambler El Huevo Rapido served the team well, and its robust design was a major factor in championing over the rough floor of the regional competition. But it will be no match for the increased competition and propulsion restrictions at the State competition. Given three strategic alternatives: to use El Huevo Rapido in its current design and gain points for the team, reduce the weight of El Huevo Rapido hopefully gaining more points, or build a new vehicle, the team opted for a new vehicle. But a new paradigm was needed in the design of the state competition Scrambler, which is as of yet un-named. At the state competition, the propulsive force drops to half that used at invitationals and regional. The result was that the Scrambler needed to go on a diet, quickly.

At roughly forty-four percent the weight of El Huevo Rapido, the new Scrambler not only meets the lower propulsive needs, but exceeds the new restrictions. That ought to yield a net gain in speed, and a better placing for CSI.

The newly redesigned car features a lower aerodynamic profile, lighter chassis, lighter suspension and a braking system that is both more robust and lighter than previous design. The steering drift of the old design has also been resolved. Design began at the last team meeting, where the team performed a Pareto analysis of component weights.

Sally , the team's technical advisor, growled, "This latest Scrambler is no dog." Asked to comment further, she barked, "though initial design was ruff, the inspiration was taken from Indy car open-wheel racing. The all aluminum frame and laser-formed wheels make for an exceptional vehicle."

Additional details are difficult to come by, and security is tight, pending patent applications. The Scrambler is kept in an underground lab, patrolled by a guard dog, in the team's Northern Testing and Design Facility. It will be unveiled to the public at the April 28, 2007 competition in East Lansing.

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