Friday, May 01, 2009

Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine

The Scuderi Air Hybrid Engine is a variation on an internal cumbustion engine may be able to boost fuel efficiency by as much as 50%, thereby saving energy as well as reducing emissions.


Peter Hill said...

It won't ever achieve the claimed efficiency.

They make claims to having 100:1 compression ratio for compression cylinder but this just proves they are stupid. The compression ratio is (swept volume + chamber volume) / chamber volume. For the compression cylinder the chamber is the transfer port or receiver vessel between the 2 cylinders. They don't actually have any more than 5:1 CR.

Then they open the inlet to the power chamber and reduce it still more.

Only way to fix this is to make the compressor 10x the size and then they will find they have 4% or maybe 5% overall efficiency - about 1/10 of current best such as Rolls-Royce K series.

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