Friday, May 12, 2006

New from Dover Publications

Dover Publications has been a long time friend of homeschool families, offering reasonably priced titles of excellent historical content. Today Dover has announced four new titles related to the upcoming movie based on Dan Brown's book. Discovering and studying the real Leonardo Da Vinci through Dover publications is indeed a very effective way to bring truth into this contemporary wave of fiction disguised as fact.

From Dover:

This summer's most talked about movie, "The Da Vinci Code," hits theaters on May 19, 2006. If you are interested in learning more about the life and art of the great Leonardo da Vinci, Dover offers a complete selection of eclectic works on the Renaissance master, from clip art collections and postcards to stained glass coloring books. I am happy to present you with an opportunity to sample some of our most popular Leonardo da Vinci titles with a brilliant selection of reproductions, illustrations, and book excerpts.

You'll find free samples from the following four da Vinci releases:

Leonardo da Vinci Treasury CD-ROM and Book

New! Your samples from this dazzling new release feature full-color reproductions of "The Mona Lisa" and "The Last Supper," plus anatomical drawings, and more.

The Mind of Leonardo da Vinci by Edward McCurdy

You can sample 8 complete pages from this landmark account of the master's achievements not only in sculpture and painting but also in music, engineering, and even experimental aviation.

Leonardo da Vinci Stained Glass Coloring Book by Marty Noble

New! Print out the sample from this fine collection of renderings and you can color your very own version of the immortal "Mona Lisa."

Leonardo Paintings and Drawings: 24 Cards

Ready to print, your samples include 4 full-color cards from this magnificent collection: "Self-Portrait," "The Mona Lisa," "Portrait of a Musician," and "Antique Warrior."

Use this link to see your Leonardo da Vinci samples from Dover Publications.

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