Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On the Periodic Table and other interesting Chemistry websites

This past Friday, our homeschool Co-op met for the last time this school year. The children studied the Periodic Table in Science class (under the creative guidance of Mary Daly), and I compiled some of the websites they were encouraged to investigate for homework:

A step by step process to explain what an atom is: here.

This site gently walks a student through the periodic table and explains in very easy terms.

This is a great site to get information on chemical elements.

The Chemistry of Fireworks, because kids love explosives...

Find out how much of the world is silicates.

There are some nice things on this general site, such as a good image of what seven miles is compared to the diameter of the earth.

To learn what a mole is, here is a nice piece--the video shows other creatures too, but it takes a bit of time to load.

Here's a cartoon about acid-base reactions. And here's another.

Here's one about uranium-lead decay.

For the more advanced students, here is an interesting website about uranium/lead decay.

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Great links! Thanks!